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General Introduction to the Chai Chee United Temple

The United Temples were formed as a result of the Government’s land acquisition and have since moved to the present premises.
Upon the instructions of the authorities that certain temples should join together and register as a legal entity before they could be awarded land for temple construction, after many discussions the representatives of the three relevant temples accepted allocation of a piece of land for temple construction. The agreement was signed by representatives of the three partner temples as follows:

The late Mr. Wang RongTong, BBM(L) (of Hock San Teng Temple)
Mr. Zhang Wenyuan (of Zhu Yun Gong Temple)
Mr. Zheng Laifa (of Hock Leng Keng Temple)

The building agreement was jointly signed by Mr. Wang Rongtong (of Hock San Teng Temple), Mr. Zhang Wenyuan (of Zhu Yun Gong Temple), and Mr. Zheng Laifa (of Hock Leng Keng Temple).
After obtaining the government’s land allocation, representatives of Hock San Teng Temple, Zhu Yun Gong Temple and Hock Leng Keng Temple made a suggestion to form an Ad Hoc Committee so as to proceed with fund raising and drafting a building plan. The first meeting was held on 27th June 1990 at Sheng Business Enterprise, No. 75A, Geylang Road. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xu Mei’an and minuted by Mr. Fang Rukui,

Executive Secretary. Thirteen representatives from the three partner temples were present:
A) Xue Mei’an and Wang Rongtong of Hock San Teng Temple.
B) Zhang Wenyuan, Zhou Shengfa, Hong Liang, Ye Chunjiu, and Fang Ronggui of Zhu Yun Gong Temple.
C) Zheng Laifa, Su Xingcai, Lan Zhenghua, Wang Guoyu, Sun Yuanqing, and Zhang Wenfang, of Hock Leng Keng Temple .
These representatives also helped to draft a Memorandum, and made a decision to name the new temple “Chai Chee United Temple”
After the inception of the Chai Chee United Temple Ad Hoc Committee, representatives of each temple lost no time in raising funds and the fund raising efforts were warmly responded to by people of all walks of life as well as by devotees. The construction was started on 19th
February 1990 and completed on 28th February 1995.
Chai Chee United Temples, situated at No. 6, Chai Chee Lane, postal code 469020, was originally formed from three older temples as mentioned earlier. The major gods worshipped for each temple are as follows:
1. Hock San Teng Temple: Fortuitous and Virtuous God—Dabogong ( Great Grand Uncle God)
2. Zhu Yun Gong Temple: The God Equal to Heaven (Monkey God)
3. Hock Leng Keng Temple: North Pole Heavenly Emperor
The architectural style and features are in accordance with those of a Chinese temple – a typical Chinese traditional structure with focus on the aesthetics of outward appearance. The structure’s most characteristic features are two lively auspicious dragons hovering on the roof top, blowing pearls together. The dragon symbolizes goodness and fire prevention. The imagery is bright and colorful and the result is a wonderful spectacle. The refined and artistic carvings of the eaves add to the beauty of the building.
Thanks to the centrality of the temple ‘s location and its convenience for transport , in addition to its long and flourishing history, the United Temples attract residents from nearby and devotees from afar. They come to pray for their individual safety and prosperity for their businesses as well as peace and harmony and favorable wind and rainfall for the nation.
On 2nd March 1995 (on the 2nd Day of the 2nd Month of the Year Yihai) Hock San Teng Temple ushered Dabogong God into the temple to ascend to His throne.
On 5th May 1995 (6th day of the 4th month) Zhu Yun Gong Temple had the Monkey God ushered into the temple to ascend to His throne .
On 18 June 1995 (21st day of the 5th month of the Year of Yihai) Hock Leng Keng Temple had The Heavenly Emperor ushered in to ascend to His throne.
Members of the Ad Hoc Committee and its subsequent formations are as follows.
Ad Hoc Committee
Chairman: Cai Tiancheng
Secretary: Fang Ronggui
Treasurer:Lan Zhenghua
Members: the late Wang Rongtong Xu Anmei Wu Fulai
Lin Youde Hong Liang Hong Xinmin Huang Liangyi Zheng Laifa Su Xingcai Wu Yawang Feng Rongfeng Xiao Senmei

1st Management Committee(1994-1995)
Advisors: the late Wang Rongtong BBM(L) Xu Anmei Chen Chengping BBM the Late Zhang Wenfang Huang Congming
Chairman:Cai Tiancheng
Vice Chairmen:Huang Lianyi Zheng Laifa
General Affairs:Fang Ronggui,
Vice General Affairs:Wu Yawang PBM
Treasurer:Lan Zhenghusa
Vice Treasurer:Wu Shunzi
Members:Lin Youde Su Xingcai
Su Quanxing PBM Hong Xinmin She Qianhu
2nd Management Committee(1996-1998)
Chairman:Cai Tiancheng Vice Chairmen: Lin Youde FangRonggui
General Affairs:Su Xingcai Vice General Affairs: Zhou Shengfa
Treasurer:Huang Lianyi Vice Treasurer:Hu Zhongsi
Director of Liaison:Xu Zhongfa Vice Director: Lan Zhenghua
Members:Lu Liangshan Su Quanxing PBM Hong Xinmin
Auditor: Wu Shunzi

3rd Management Committee( 1998-2000)
Chairman:Cai Tiancheng Vice Chiarmen:Fang Ronggui Lin Youde
Director of General Affairs: Huang Liangyi Vice Director:Zhou Shengfa
Treasurer: Wu Shunzi Vice Treasurer: Lu Liangshan
Director of Liaison:Hong Xinmin Vice Director: Hu Zhongsi
Members: Lan Zhenghua Su Quanxing PBM Xu Siyuan
Auditor: She Qianhu

Brief introduction of each partner temple
A) Hock San Teng Temple was constructed quite a long time ago. The temple worships Fortuitous and Virtuous God—commonly known as Dabogong. It has a history of over 100 years.
The temple site was originally private property, a Chinese graveyard situated at 8th Mile Stone , Changi Road. Due to the efficacy of the God who attracts many followers, a formal temple committee was thus formed. The temple’s renown, under the enthusiastic support of devotees, has spread far and wide.
After WWII, the key members of the Committee were Chen Weiming (Chairman), Xu Anmei, Zhang Ganlu and Lin Yong. At that time the temple had an area of 8 acres. A few years later, the temple acquired 10 acres of land at Changi 300 acres, was well managed and continued to flourish.
At the end of the 1980s, due to the acquisition of land by the Housing Board, the site at Changi Road 8th Mile Stone was affected. Upon many requests and appeals made to the government, the temple eventually obtained an allocation of a piece of land of 2000sq meters at No. 6, Chai Chee Lane, and with Zhu Yun Gong Temple and Hock Leg Keng Temple pre-arranged by the Housing Board registered jointly under the Society Act as an entity, and on the auspicious date 2nd March 1995, the God ascended His Throne in the new united temples.
Today we feel honored to be able to witness the grandeur of our Temple standing firmly in Chai Chee Lane. The Temple symbolizes the continuity of the holiness of the Gods, the flourishing of devotion among followers, and the materialization of our aspirations and wishes.
We hope this Temple is not only a worshipping place for devotees, but also a gathering place for the public, a place for developing the traditional culture and an attraction for tourists.
Caption for Photo 1 ( Hock San Teng Temple): On 30th
October 1966, Hock San Teng Temple’s Diamond Jubilee and Opening Ceremony, with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the then Prime Minister, officiating. He also signed the VIP guestbook.
Photo2 ( Hock San Teng Temple): A group photo of the Inauguration of the Hock San Teng Temple Committee, taken after the Opening Ceremony on 4thApril 1954.
Members of the 24th Management Committee(1998-2000), Hock San Teng Temple
Advisors:the late Wang Rongtong Xu Anmei Wu Yawang
Chairman: Cai Tiancheng
Vice Chairmen: Lin Youde Su Quanxing
Director of General Affairs: Hu Zhongsi
Vice Directors:Wu Yongde Cai Jianling
Treasurer: Wu Shunzi
Vice Treasurers: Liang Jinming Su Yacheng
Director of Liaison: Xu Zhongfa
Vice Liaison:Li Yizong Xu Jinquan
Chief Clerk: Bao Qingshan
Vice Chief Clerk:Wu Jinxing Lin Youshun
Auditor: Cai Sijing Zheng Jinbao

Members:Fu Shunluo Hu Yongcheng Chen Kunming Chen Wensong
Secretary : Wei Junheng
B). Zhu Yun Gong Temple
Zhu Yun Gong Temple was established in the 1960s and has a history of more than 30 years. Its original site was in Geylang’s 33rd Lane. The major gods of the temple are Monkey God (God Equal to Heaven), North Pole Heavenly Empress, Sacred Lord Zhang, Great Emperor for Heavenly Assistance (Guan Gong), and Neza, The Third Prince among others. For decades the temple has provided services to people of all walks of life, is highly regarded among followers and has continued to flourish.
Due to the limited space and its incapability to accommodate the growing number of devotees , the temple moved to No.1T, Siglap Road. When the temple needed repairs due to its shabby state and water leakage, the temple keeper, Mr. Ye Chunjiu, proposed to have it demolished and rebuilt so as to adapt to time. In the same year, an Ad Hoc Committee for the Construction of Zhu Yun Gong Temple was formed by enthusiasts. With their efforts, and with good response from devotees, a new Zhu Yun Gong Temple was completed in January 1970. A fresh facade for Zhu Yun Gong Temple emerged to serve its followers and the community at large.
In 1988, as the temple’s land owner had an intention to develop the land, the temple’s management, after obtaining compensation, moved it to No.11, Napai Road. But the government did not approve for the land to be used for religious purposes, therefore in 1990 a Committee for Building Zhu Yun Gong Temple was formed to take charge of rebuilding matters. At that time the temple had a fund of only 330,000 SGD. The temple was registered in 1992 and the office bearers are as follows :

Chairman : Fang Ronggui
First Vice Chairman :Zhou Shengfa
Second Deputy Chairman: Feng Rongfeng
Third Deputy Chairman:Zhang Wanfu
Director i/c General Matters:Hong Xinmin
Deputy Directors i/c General Matters:She Qianhu Shen Jinpei
Treasurer : Huang Liangyi
Deputy Treasurers: Hong Liang Chen Tianfu
Director of Liaison : Hong Liang
Vice Directors for Liaison:Huang Zhongxing Chen Qishan
Director of Welfare: Chen Tianfu
Deputy Directors of Welfare : Li Chengfa Lin Guoxiang Wu Zhenzhong
Clerks(Chinese Language ):Lin Yukun Wu Qiaoshui Chen Xiuzhu
Hon.Secretary (Chinese Language ): Wang Zaifa
Clerk (English Language ): Ye Liqin
Vice Clerk( English Language ):Huang Zhongxin
Auditor: Chen Yankun
Members:Yang Chengjia Lin Hemu
Ye Tiandeng Hong Chamou
Zhong Baoxing Zhang Qingliang

The temple’s construction committee committed itself to construction fees of 1130,914 SGD while the remaining 830,914.79SGD was donated by enthusiastic supporters. In 1992 Hock San Teng Temple provided leadership to form a united temple; in the same year, the Chai Chee United Temple was inaugurated, with Hock Leng Keng Temple as a third partner. The Chai Chee United Temple started its rebuilding on 19th February 1994 and was completed on 5th May 1995.
The Gods of Zhu Yun Gong Temple were ushered into the temple and ascended to their thrones on 5th May 1995.
The present achievements of the Zhu Yun Gong Temple are due to the temple’s Emeritus Chairmen, Hon Chairmen, honorable community members, the Mid Year Festival clubs of various divisions in the country and devotees with their generosity and selfless efforts. The Temple management hereby expresses its sincere gratitude to the above mentioned people and organizations.
Office bearers of the 5th Management Committee (1998-2000)of the Zhu Yun Gong Temple:
Chairman :Fang Ronggui
Deputy Chairman: Zhou Shengfa
Second Deputy Chairman: Xu Fengnan
Director i/c General Matters: Hong Xinmin
Deputy Director i/c General Matters : She Qianhu
Treasurer:Huang Liangyi
Deputy Treasurer: Yang Chengjia
Director of Liaison: Feng Rongfeng
Deputy Director of Liaison:Chen Tianfu
Secretary (Chinese Language) : Wu Qiaoshui
Vice Secretary Chinese Language): Chen Xiuzhu
Secretary (English Language) :Ye Liqin

Director of Welfare: Li Yacai
Deputy Director of Welfare: Li Chengfa
Members of the Welfare Committee: Chen Xiuzhi Ye Tiandeng Xu Fengnan Chen Yankun
Temple Business Group Members : Lin Yajiu Huang Lianyi Hong Xinmin

Representatives to attend Meetings of The United Temple Association
Chairman:Fang Ronggui
First Deputy Chairman: Zhou Shengfa
Director i/c General Affairs: Hong Xinmin
Treasurer: Huang Liangyi

C) Hock Leng Keng Temple
The Hock Leng Keng Heavenly Emperor’s Temple has a long history in this country, and has provided a place of worship for over 100 years. During these years the deities have been warmly worshipped and have been honored far and wide.
According to the records of a plaque in the temple, the temple was first initiated by 5 venerable citizens: Zhou Biguan, Cai Baohe, Chen Xiaosong, Lin Wumao and Huang Ziying. It was a simple attap-palm house where at first the Heavenly Emperor worshipped. All along, the temple has provided services to people from all walks of life. We, upon seeing that the temple has a long history and strong support from its devotees, formed a committee to manage it. It has been 25 years since that day.
A Management Committee was set up to maintain the Temple for its faith and beliefs, and its worshipping of the Heavenly Emperor to promote Daoism and disseminate justice. Therefore regardless of race and religion, we organized the residents for the purposes of liaising and good will. The Temple’s other aim is charity, to provide care to the poverty stricken and the lonely aged within the availability of the Temple’s funds.
In 1985, being affected by the authorities’ decision to construct an MRT, the council started raising funds for rebuilding and we have since obtained the support from people of all walks of life with donations pouring in. In 1995, when the construction was completed, the gods of the Fuling Temple were moved to Caishi United Temple .
The achievements of the Temple are due to the support and donations from its many devotees, and we hope that these devotees will continue to stand with us and guide us to move forward.
We thank you wholeheartedly.

Office bearers of the 14th Hock Leng Keng Temple Committee ( 1998-2000)
Hon Chairmen: Lin Dali Lin Qingwan Liang Qinghai Wang Xicheng PBM Xie Guijin
Advisor: Zheng Laifa
Chairman :Su Xingcai
Vice Chairmen : Lu Liangshan Xu Siyuan Wang Chuanbei
Director i/c General Affairs: Lan Zhenghua
Vice Director: Lin Xingcheng
Treasure:Fu Ruidian
ViceTreasurer-cum-Vice Liaison : Fu Senmei

Director of Miscellaneous Matters –cum-Temple’s Keeper: Lin Shengde
Vice Director of Miscellaneous Matters: Zhang Bingxiang Chen Jinsheng Hu Qingchi
Director of Liaison: Yang Bazhi
Auditor: Wang Guoyu
Members: Weng kunshan Yan Junhong Guo Jingfu Sun Yuanqing Cai Yiming Li Hongchuan Su Jinfu Xu Tianshu Chen Jinru Wang Qingchuan